Name: Kira Yamato
Age: 16
Occupation: Earth Forces soldier
About: Kira is one of the most sensitive Gundam pilots ever to exist in a Gundam series—never has a mobile suit pilot been known to cry more than he does. He is loyal and holds protecting his friends above all else, even if it means fighting against someone close to him. He hates the idea of war, but is forced to fight in a Gundam when his home is attacked, and once he gets involved he finds that he can’t leave, for he holds the duty of protecting the Archangel, an Earth Forces battleship. Kira is a kind person who yearns for peace.

Name: Flay Alstar
Age: 15
Occupation: Student
About: Flay is a cunning yet tormented girl who is whisked into the war against her will. She is young and involved in a relationship with Sai Argyle—that is, until she sets her sights on Kira Yamato. She is used to getting what she wants, and she usually does because of her good looks. Flay suffers greatly during the expanse of the war. She loses her father, her innocence, and finally her life.

First Impressions

Kira has always been a shy person, so it isn’t his style to voraciously go after a girl, even if he likes her. It is made known at the beginning of the series that Kira has a crush on Flay, almost certainly because of her beauty, since they don’t talk that much. Another reason that Kira never made a move for Flay then was because she already had a boyfriend—Sai Argyle. They seemed to be happy together, although Flay’s expressions sometimes aroused suspicions that she had a wandering eye.

Anime Connection

Kira and Flay’s relationship is one based about ninety percent on physical lust, and ten percent on actual emotion. Once they end up on the Archangel together, Flay and Sai’s relationship grows strained, although Sai cares very genuinely about his girlfriend. She continued to go to him for support, but more and more began to get involved with Kira. I think it is safe to say that Kira tried to resist her advances for the sake of Sai, his friend, but after all, Kira is a guy and Flay is a very pretty girl. Once she out and out kissed him before he went to fight in his Gundam, Kira found her irresistible, especially since she wanted him. They slept together and poor Sai was heartbroken, but he is a noble character and continued to look out for Flay.

Near the beginning of the series, Flay’s father is killed as a casualty of war, and Flay watches her father’s ship explode right before her eyes. This is an important scene. From then onwards, Flay harbors an extreme hate for all coordinators—genetically enhanced human beings—and although Kira himself is a coordinator, she continues to be with him. To his face she plays the role of the innocent victim (which, in a sense, she is) and throws herself all over him, but when he is out fighting, she gets a bit psychotic and wishes that he would fight until he destroys himself. Flay is a very unstable character and acts like she has two different personalities: one that loves Kira, and one that hates who he is.

Kira has intense feelings for Flay, even after he begins to like Lacus. Later on in the series, Flay is kidnapped by Rau le Creuset and eventually ends up on a ship controlled by Azrael, a Blue Cosmos supporter, and piloted by Natarle Badjiruel, who was formerly on the Archangel. The Archangel eventually shoots down the ship and all the ship hands escape into separate pods, including Flay. Kira is out fighting, but is aware of what is going on. Flay wants to see Kira again, but before she can get a chance to get to the Archangel, her pod is hit and explodes, killing her. Kira truly cares for Flay, and no matter how much hate Flay gets by the fans, the emotional reaction that her death provided for Kira is argued to be essential to his final battle. She comes to him as a glowing, white being—her soul, per se—and gives him her last words of affection. Kira is a crying wreck, and this proves that even though his feelings for Lacus are steadily growing, he always knew in the back of his mind that Flay held a special place in his heart. Since she resented coordinators and blamed them for the death of her father, Kira wanted to be the one to protect her and show her that he wasn’t bad in spite of his being a coordinator.


Flay is an extreme object of hate among this fandom. Many people see her as nothing but a manipulative, crazy whore who abused her adoring boyfriend Sai’s feelings and simply wanted to get into Kira’s pants. I’m not particularly fond of her, or this couple. Flay just went on a huge downward spiral after her father died, and Kira is angsty enough as it is, so from the beginning, I didn’t think their bond would last. There was no stability whatsoever. My only opinion toward it would be that it was an extremely unhealthy relationship. I was personally very freaked out when Flay suddenly went all psycho and started wishing that Kira would fight and fight until he destroyed himself. That’s not exactly the type of thinking I would expect from my significant other. o.o;; This relationship was destructive to begin with, for it was based on lust and not a real, human connection.